Am I really that old?


I just read a piece on TechRepublic called „Dinosaur Sightings“. I was quite interested in the article and the gallery because I started messing with Windows when version 2.03 was available. So there I was clicking on images and reminiscing when it hit me.

I took a look at the release date of Windows 2.03 and thought “Dinosaur Sightings”? OH. MY. GOD! Am I that old that 1987 is considered ancient? Prehistoric even? I mean really now. OK, I got off the MS bandwagon in the 90’s when I moved mostly to Slackware when it was first released. Now I am not only dealing with trying to find a new job but now I think I may have an age complex. Maybe a midlife crisis or something.

Thanks a lot Greg,
Charles Williams

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